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Indie Bitch

The Rating Community For People Too Cool For Rating Communities

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This is a rating community for those who like obscure music, films, and art and happen to be really cute. You're excepted to take an interest in all forms of culture, being an artist gets you major points, having good hair and dressing well also gets you a lot of points, living in Brooklyn NY gets you even more points, do you get the tone?

The Rules
For Supplicants... er Applicants:
1. You may disagree with the mods and stamped members, but if you become bitchy, you lose, and will be automatically rejected.
2. If we say your music sucks for all intents and purposes, your music sucks.
3. Absolutely no: mall goths, teeny boppers, weepy emos, scenester celeb worshipping shit heads, homophobes (how you found us I don't know), wannabe rich kids, republicans, idiots.
4. Don't be self congratulatory.
5. PBR is god, do not argue with this statement.
6. Vintage store clerks are a superior species of beings sent to be our overlords... also do not argue with this statement
7. The subject line on your app. must say "Vinyl, Vintage, and Voting at 18"

For Members
1. Don't be too much of a bitch... only enough to scare conservatives
2. Don't be self righteous
3. Don't be more of a snob than you have to be
4. Play nice with other members, we do not tolerate fighting amoung our ranks
5. Listen to the mods... since they are nice and will give you cookies

The Application
Fuck with the code I fuck with your face

The Banners
Indie Bitch


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